Get the most out of your Painter 4 a Day

By properly planning for the day your painter comes, you can get even more done in the same amount of time.  Here are a few optional things you can do to save your painters time:

These are all things your painter would be happy to do, but they may take time away from actual painting.

Have your colors picked out.  The color consultants at the paint department of your favorite store can help you choose just the right colors for the style of your rooms' new look.

Have the right amount paint purchased already.  If you would like a professional opinion on a particular kind of paint before you buy, just call our office. (417-291-4122)

Have the furniture moved out of the way before your painter comes.  Even if you can't move everything, you can save painting time.

Take the covers off the light switches and electric outlets.

Clean the areas to be painted, wipe dust off of base boards etc.

Trim bushes back from house before exterior painting.