Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a Painter 4 a Day cost me?

Our goal is to provide simple straightforward pricing to make your project budgeting as simple as possible.  In the Joplin metro area (green on map below), including Carthage, Neosho, Miami, Columbus, and Pittsburg, the price is just $399.00.  Outside the Joplin metro area (red on map below) the cost is $499.00.

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What does Painter 4 a Day include for the price?

Trained professional
Your painter sent to work in your home or office is a participant in ABE's ongoing craftsmanship training.  The lastest technology and methods available will be used to insure the highest quality job in the most effeciant manner.

Time well spent
A professional painter from ABE Paint TEAM will be sent to your home or business for 8 work hours.  You choose the start time.  Your painter's breaks and lunch do NOT count toward the 8 hours.

Tools of the trade
In the ABE Paint TEAM van, your painter has all the necessary equipment and tools to complete a variety of painting tasks. Brushes and rollers, drop clothes and plastic, ladders and stepladders,spackle compound, high quality caulk, texture repair kits, just to name a few, are dedicated to the success of your project. Only the finest tools and equipment will be used.  Paint is not provided or included in the price.

Why isn't the paint included?

Because every project is unique and there is a so wide a variety of paints, there really isn't an effective way to carry paint for every project.  We do carry several kinds of primer for various surfaces, and standard white ceiling paint. 
If your project is doing touch-ups, your painter can use touch-up paint you may already have on hand. 
We glad to pick up the paint (in the color of your choice) for you. (Cost of paint + time out of the 8 hours)

How much can my painter get done in 8 hours?

 How much gets accomplished really depends on what the projects are. (see our tips)  A whole house could be touched-up, or walls in a couple rooms could be painted, or one grand staircase with spindles and railing could be painted.  It's very important to plan ahead to make the most of your Painter 4 a Day. Write down several projects, then choose which are the most important.  Your painter will advise you at the beginning of the day as to which project(s) can likely be finished.

What if my painter doesn't finish in 8 hours?

While your painter tries to get done all he can in the 8 hours, sometimes more time is required to get important items on your list completed.  Additional hours cost $50 each.  You may purchase an second Painter 4 a Day at 5% off regular price at any point during the first day.


What if my painter finishes my list in 7 hours?

If you painter gets everything on your list done in less than 8 hours, which would mean you've got a pretty fast painter, you can choose what to do with the rest of the time you've paid for.  You could bring out the brownies and ice cream, send him home early, or donate your remaining time to one of ABE's Paint it Forward projects.